(Kinda) Drunken Antics: part 2

Okay, I wouldn’t have considered myself drunk. I had a few ciders in just under an hour (I’m skinny), but I most definitely was not drunk. Tipsy, yep. Buzzed, totes. Drunk, no.

So, somewhere between my cider consumption and watching Game of Thrones on my DVR, I checked my email. Realizing PM1 and I were working on a blog post where we convo back and forth, I attempted to answer her.

That part went well, in my opinion. But my message back to her letting her know I responded was slightly incoherent.

Take a look…can you say shit show?

#1photo1#2 photo2


#3photo3                             #4 photo4


Okay, now after re-reading these cider-loaded messages, maybe I was tittering more toward the drunken end than the tipsy end. But whatever. We got a good laugh out of it, yo. And PM1, stop giving me shit. You’re just as bad…girl, please. 🙂