Remember that movie you loved as a kid?


Last night, after having ANOTHER conversation about Ben Affleck as Batman, Hubs B and I got to discussing movies we loved as kids. The topic came to this after Hubs B tried to defend his love of Michael Keaton as Batman. (Ironically, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were all on TV. Prompting Hubs B to admit that Christian Bale is pretty fucking amazing.) But that isn’t what this about because I could go on and on about Christian Bale and his holy-hell-someone-save-me-hot-ass body (and his voice and his face and his ass and…OMFG), but I’ll save that for another day. So back to Michael Keaton as Batman. If you remember, Hubs B claimed Michael Keaton as his number one Batman (if not, read about it here), which made PM1 add him to her face punch list. His claim was that he remembered seeing the movie as a kid and being mesmerized by it.

This is where he begins to defend his reasoning with something that happened several months ago.

Remember those movies you loved as a kid? You could watch them a million times, knew every word, loved every character? We all have them and they hold a special place in our hearts. Now trust me when I say, let them live forever in your heart or you will regret it. Don’t ever go back and watch them later. They will be ruined…

So here’s how the story goes. After reading Rob Lowe’s biography (Yep, I read it, go ahead, judge me.) It reminded me how much I loved the book and the movie, The Outsiders. (Dreamy Ponyboy and that orange peroxide hair) I shared this thought with Hubs B who also had fond childhood memories of the movie. (Not so much about Ponyboy, though) So, we decided to watch the movie. Now, this is where it gets ugly.

It wasn’t that it was a horrible movie or anything. It just didn’t live up to the memory. Both of us sat there with our what-the-fuck faces, staring at the TV when the movie ended. It was almost like someone just ruined our childhood by telling us that our dog died and had not actually been taken to a “farm” as our parents originally told (lied to) us. It was quite depressing… watching The Outsiders in our thirties.

This brings me to Hubs B’s love of Michael Keaton as Batman. He wants that Batman to live in his childhood memory as the best and I’m going to let him have it. Considering how The Outsiders went down (I still <3 you, Ponyboy), I’m not going to ruin another movie for him, so back off, PM1!