Why Ben Affleck is our number one celebrity BF – part 1


At Girls With Potty Mouths, we make no secret of our love for Ben Affleck. We adore him as an actor, a director, a writer, a husband, a father, a humanitarian, a gorgeous piece of ass, and just an all round nice guy.

So, in honor of Ben, and really, do we need an excuse to sing this guy’s praises, we’ve each come up with our Top 5 favorite Ben Affleck movies. Ready, go…


1. The Town. Ok, Ben wrote it, directed it, produced it, and starred in it, highlighting his immense talent and all round awesomeness. This alone should put this film in the number 1 spot. But then there’s that scene. You know the one I’m talking about. The one we’ve all watched a million times because it involves Ben, shirtless, doing chin ups in the doorframe. Well played, Ben, well played.

2. Argo. Again, he wrote it, he directed it, he produced it, and he starred in it. Yes it “slightly” glamorized real life events and Ben was rocking a shocking 70s hairstyle…but who cares, because this film once again showed his awesomeness off to the world. The fact the Academy snubbed him for a Director nod only goes to show their stupidity, especially when every other organization gave him the award. Wake up Academy, this man has talent, serious talent.

3. Chasing Amy. Because this is love-struck, adorable Ben at his best. Classic lines and characters, a ballsy kiss with his BFF and a gorgeously romantic attempt to win back the girl he loves, I will never get tired of watching this film.

4. Sum of All Fears. Yep, I know it’s not known for being one of his best films, but I still love it because (a) it stars Ben Affleck, (b) he rocks it when he speaks Russian, (c) he’s adorable as the nerdy wannabe spy who’s in love with the surgeon and, (d) it stars Ben Affleck.

5. Good Will Hunting. Undoubtedly a classic, this was also the film that launched Ben’s career, introduced us to his younger brother Casey and also gave us the downright adorable bromance of Matt and Ben. Never have two BFFs been cuter, especially when they took their mom’s to the Oscars. Collaborate again boys, we MISS you together.


1. The Town. I’m not sure I need to say a lot about this because clearly this movie showcases his talent like no other. Director, writer, actor…a real renaissance man. Plus I just adore the love story that develops within this movie, so sweet. I love it. But really who am I kidding? That fucking chin up scene is really the reason I keep coming back and re-watching. I love that man and his sick ass body.

2. Armageddon. Now I know this movie is cheesy as fuck and borderline terrible, but I love it. I remember seeing it in the theater with Hubs B who at the time was just Boy B. Fuck knows why he married me after the display I put on during that movie. I sobbed like a fucking baby. (So loud in fact that when we left the theater Hubs B said that the movie was sad but I was the only one crying so hard that it made a noise.) In my defense, I thought Ben was going to die!!!

3. Good Will Hunting. Totes a classic and one of my favorite movies of all time. I have mad love for Casey Affleck and Matt Damon and I really kinda need them all to get on another project together. Hear that boys? But back to the movie… I love that Boston accent and the horrible track suit Ben rocks in this movie. And as always, there’s something about a bad boy.

4. Chasing Amy. I love this movie and it might just be because I love anything by Kevin Smith too. I love Ben’s character’s determination to win over the girl. To be pursued like that and by that beautiful boy, I would instantly rethink my need to shag women. Joey Lauren Adams gets a shout out for being aborbs, too.

5. Jersey Girl. Kevin Smith again and there’s something about Ben and that little girl that just makes my heart swell. I love the scene when he re-enacts Sweeny Todd with her just to make her happy. He is, in this movie, the perfect father and when he falls in love with Liv Tyler, my heart melts.

PM1 & PM2:

Now of course, this being Ben, even limiting it to a Top is tough, so…

Honorable mention part one…Pearl Harbor. This movie sucks. The worst, but again…we thought Ben was going to die!!! And the love he has for Kate Beckinsale’s character (smoking hot btw), is just adorable.

Honorable mention part two…Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. We love, love, love this movie. Although Ben’s part is tiny, his potty mouth turns us on and makes us laugh. His reprised role of Holden McNeil in all of these movies is always awesome and the fact that he mocks himself in this one only makes him even more attractive.

Honorable mention part three must go to Dogma. Not only do we get to watch that adorable Matt-Ben bromance again, but we flat out love these two boys as fallen angels. You can come save us any time boys!

Honorable mention part four goes to Gone Baby Gone. Ok, Ben doesn’t star in it, but he did direct it, and for a first time director, it was nothing short of fucking awesome. Plus we got to see Casey showcase his acting chops.

As you can see we’re having a hard time narrowing it down. Pretty sure Batman will soon be joining this list too… BEN!!! Stop making it so hard!