Come on down…it’s Comeday!

So on the weekend my friend and I decided to head into this trendy little laid-back area near where I live, for a spot of shopping and a pint or two (or three) of beer. Strolling along, we came across this cool little pub that has recently reopened following 14 years of renovations. Yes, I shit you not, I’ve been living here since January 2000 and this year is the first time I have ever seen the scaffolding down and the doors open.

So, wanting to check out what 14 years of renovations would buy you, we stopped for a little peak inside. For the record, it does look very nice. Not sure it was worth 14 years of work, I mean I’d have probably been cracking skulls with the builders around the 14 month mark, but that’s not the point of this post. No, the point is to do with the sign inside that was listing the week’s events.


Standing in the door checking it out, I notice Monday is curry and pint night (nice, must bring Hubs A down for that one), Tuesday is open mic night (note to self, must try that when drunk enough) and Wednesday is Comeday…um, come again?

What. The. Fuck. Is Comeday?

I mean do I bring a fresh pair of panties and my vibrator, or is all of that stuff supplied/for sale on the night? And how exactly does this work, are we all in the pub together just randomly coming, or do we take turns in a back room? Is it singles only or can couples participate, and what exactly does the $10 cover charge get you?

As I’m standing there running through any number of perverted and downright weird scenarios in my brain, I turn to my friend and ask for her thoughts on this. This is how that conversation goes.

Me: “Comeday, what the fuck is comeday?”

My friend: “I don’t know, should we ask them?”

Me: laughing…“Ohhhh fuck, it’s Comedy, not fucking Come-day!”

As we stood there pissing ourselves laughing, I couldn’t help but think, well you guys sure as fuck got a laugh out of us. I mean, if Wednesday night Comedy is anything like this then I’m there.

And hey, if it really is Comeday…then that’s not bad either! Just don’t even get me started on Thursday night…WTF??!!