Justifiably awesome



Now, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a TV addict. At any one time, I can have between 12-15 different shows on the go at once. Yes, I know, it must be tough fitting all these in, what with a full-time job, a hubs and any number of other things to do. But as with all important things in life, some are just worth finding the time for.

And while I do admit to watching all the water cooler blockbusters that everyone else watches, I also have a love of the quirky, often ignored, but usually insanely good TV shows. And for this reason, I thought I’d take the time to blog about one such show I watch, that also happens to be a favorite.

And this would be a show called Justified.

Starring the insanely gorgeous Timothy Olyphant, this is a quirky, character-driven drama that features a law-bending US Marshall who is big on protecting his town and the people he loves, but isn’t above employing some deviant tricks to do so.

Now, let me just pause for a minute to discuss Timothy Olyphant. I’ve had a bit of a crush on this man for years. A crush that was pushed into full blown adoration when he starred in the cheesy, but still cute as fuck, movie, Catch and Release. I still don’t know what it was, something about the bad boy wooing the good girl fiancé of his dead best friend that really got me. Maybe it was that the good girl was Jennifer Garner (wife to the gorgeous Ben Affleck) or the inclusion of Kevin Smith (always Silent Bob to me) as one of her roomies, I don’t know. What I do know is I fucking loved this movie…still do now. But I also loved him as the nameless Assassin seeking vengeance in Hit Man. I mean this boy can rock the shaved head and barcode tatt like nobody’s business. And fuck me, when he showed up as the sexily black-clad bad boy in Die Hard 4…well that was me yelling, “Yikee kiyay motherfucker!”

But then Justified came along, and everything changed. Because here was a show that not only let me watch Timothy once a week, but it also displayed his amazingly good acting chops. I mean it takes a talented guy to pull off a Stetson, a southern drawl and a name like Raylan, and still ooze sex appeal. And let me tell you peeps, this man has got it. Throw in the amazing fucking dialogue this show produces (“I’m just gonna file that under ‘who gives a shit,’” or “He’s armed, he’s dangerous and he’s an asshole”), the hilarious and always entertaining storylines and the downright adorable little crush he still has on his ex-wife Winona, and well, I am sold.

But now, with the sixth and final season currently in production, I have to prepare myself for the loss of my weekly dose of Timothy Olyphant. It’s going to be hard, but I do think the decision to end this show on a high is a good one. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this show yet, I highly recommend you do.

 “It’s my job, being a dick. It’d be weird if you liked me.”

No Raylan, I think it would be weird if we didn’t like you.


Oh sweet baby Jesus! GOAL!!!


Yes, these boys play soccer…

Hubs B is a huge fan of soccer and with the world cup only coming around every four years, I let him indulge. Unless you were living under a rock, you know yesterday the US played Belgium in a game that would allow the winner to advance to the next round.


And so do these. Just imagine them all hot and sweaty.

So Hubs B and I headed over to our favorite little bar to take in the game. (Yes, Mini 1 and Mini 2 were with but you can’t judge me because the bar has a kids’ menu.) While I enjoyed a Harp Shandy, Hubs B sat on the end of his chair with his eyes glued to the television.

I have to digress a minute and wish my good friend and her husband a congratulations on the birth of their twin girls yesterday. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I would add this to my post about soccer. Well, you see, my friend’s husband is just as big of a fan as Hubs B and while the US was losing to Belgium (sorry…spoiler for those rock dwellers), they were welcoming their baby girls. A great end to a shitty day of lost soccer where I spent the rest of the evening in a bar with a bunch of semi-drunk depressed Americans. But lucky for him, he’s from Germany and I’m sure his loyalty still lies there. So rock on Germany. Kick some French ass!

But yeah, back to soccer. Now this post really has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the hot guys who participate. I have no problem watching soccer with Hubs B and would probably do it regardless, but all those hot, hot guys make it totally worth it.


Lawwrrddd….someone hold me up.

Have you seen these men? Oh my fucking god. It’s the only professional sport that cranks out more good-looking faces and hot bodies than any other. But for the love of fuck…make the world cup happen more often than every four years. Stop punishing women!


Good god, those eyes!

So in the end, here is the reason I really watch…hot guys and soccer junk. When I say junk, I mean the best kind. 🙂

Here’s a montage of some of my favorites. Enjoy ladies, or guys if that’s your thing. 😉


Adorable ass.

Not sure what this is about but it made me laugh.

Last one…I promise.


I lied… This is Oguchi Onyewu. I have no idea how to pronounce his name, which will make for an interesting attempt while I call it out in my dreams.

I think I have ADD.


You can’t come over and play anymore


I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while, partially because I know it will annoy the shit out of him and also because he makes me laugh like crazy.

My guy BFF. He’s me only in guy form, which is scary and amazing all at the same time. We met many years ago back in college when his now wife became my college roommate. (Now, I have to give a quick shout out to her, because without her we would have never met and she’s pretty fucking great herself.) But he’s also Hubs B’s BFF too, which is how I met Hubs B in the first place. Never mind my incestuous story of how we all met, let me get to why Guy BFF isn’t allowed to come over and play anymore.

We live about two hours away from each other and now that we both have kids, we don’t spend as much time together as we used to. So basically we cram six months of catching up into one weekend every time we’re together, which generally means we consume enough alcohol to last until the next time we meet up. Hence why he can’t come over anymore.

Four kids, a dog, a cat and a pretty significant hangover make for a rough next morning and I, of course, like to blame all of this on him. “Don’t be alarmed,” he says, “But someone broke into your house and drank all your booze.” That next morning I rarely find his jokes funny, seeing as I’m trying to keep all that acidic OJ from resurfacing.

His sense of humor rivals that of some of the best comics and when I’m not feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck, I laugh my ass off. He makes whatever I’m drinking come out my nose, he makes me laugh till I cry, wet my pants or until I can’t speak. He’s one of those people who can take any joke and make it better, dirtier or even disgusting. I’ve seen him insult an entire room in a second, which only makes me love him more.

Wherever he is I am because I don’t want to miss what he’s going to say next. Hubs B likes to call him a beatnik lumberjack because Guy BFF has a love of plaid shirts and goatees. I just like to call him hilarious. He tells me he has to be funny because he’s fat otherwise he’s just fat.

Once when I unwillingly dragged him to the spa with me, he told me that if I farted that everyone in the relaxation room would blame him because he’s the “fat guy.” Making a disgusted face and using the voice of an annoyed valley girl, “Ugh, that fat guy farted. He’s so gross.” This made me laugh so hard that it was no longer the relaxation room.

He likes to put on my clothes and dance around singing “Fat Guy in a Little Coat.” Once he wore a pink sweatshirt of mine that had cat ears on the hood and walked around meowing with his hands shoved in the pockets. I’m pretty sure I peed in my pants.

Beyond all his hilarities, he’s the most kind, generous, caring guy I know. Who else would pick all the marshmallows out the Lucky Charms for me? Who else would drive a half a block with me to the donut shop, order a dozen and eat them all before we even get home? How about walking down the beach with me collecting shells, but him doing all the work because he knows I have an aversion to wet things? Certainly not Hubs B, he’d never be this indulgent. I lucked out when we became friends because he brings far more to our relationship than I ever could.

So, I guess I’m lying when I say he can’t come over anymore. As much as I hate that morning after headache, I’d miss his crass, crazy, and funny as hell ass.

This is my favorite picture of us. He’s going to kill me for posting this…



X-Men…our hot ass review.


Yep, we’re back with our latest obsession! Here at Girls with Potty Mouths, we love to obsess over movies, especially movies with superheroes, comic book themes and hot boys. Over the weekend we saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and it was, hands down, the best in the series. There is just something about this group of rebel mutants that make our hearts swoon and the teenage girl in us squeal with delight. They’re gritty and sexy and holy fucking hot as hell.

The cast is amazing in its own right with A-list stars abound and simple cameos and bit parts that make you smile. The filmmaking…OMG…totes one of the best with its slow motion action and battle sequences, along with its crisp filming and 3D addition that make it just stunning to watch. You can’t help but get wrapped up in it all.

But let’s get down to what’s important here…the hot guys.


OMFG, PM1!!! How perfectly awesome was X-Men: Days of Future past? I loved seeing a young Erik and Charles together again. But those feuding boys…so naughty, yet so hot. Damn that Raven for coming between them. She’s far smarter than that…take them both, sweetheart! No judgment here! While both boys have their perks, I’m partial to Erik/Magneto, even with his seventies garb and his fondness for neckerchiefs, I’d take him to bed. There’s just something about a bad boy that makes me go all swoony. Your thoughts, darling PM1? (On a side note… Michael Fassbender is so fucking bad ass and hot all on his own.)


Totes agree PM2, totes agree. That Fassbender boy is smoking hot. Mind you, there’s no shortage of hot men in these X-Men films and what I loved most about this latest installment was the past-present mash-up that gave us not just young Magneto and Charles, but also Hank, arguably the hottest nerd around, Mystique, because let’s be real, she is smoking hot, and of course, Wolverine.

I’m gonna be honest and say I totes love the Wolverine. I love his surly ass attitude, I love the mega crush he has on Jean Grey and especially the way he rubs it in Cyclops’ face, I love his adamantium upgrades (come on, who doesn’t want a set of those claws) and I fucking love his physique. Not normally one for the OTT muscle, there’s just something about the Wolverine that works…and damn does it work well. So when you get Wolverine together with young Magneto, Charles and Hank…whoah, that’s a whole lotta hotness in one room.

The only thing I can think of that would be better than this, would be if Marvel did what all of us fans are hoping for and gave us…wait for it…an Avengers-X-Men mash-up! I mean, come the fuck on, can you imagine what that would be like? No? Well, allow me to pain you a picture…

  1. Loki
  2. Magneto
  3. Thor
  4. Wolverine
  5. Captain America
  6. Professor X
  7. Iron Man
  8. Hank
  9. The Hulk
  10. Cyclops
  11. Mystique
  12. Black Widow

I mean, holy fucking shit!…PM2, are you with me on this?


I’m with you on it all, PM1. I’m not sure what more I can say seeing as you, my dear girl, have boarded the runaway train of hot men, superheroes and rambling inner thoughts.

My last thought… I’m already squirming in my chair for the next installment. Nothing like a bit of time travel and a few changes to the past to reset everything you ever knew. Can’t wait to see my favorite mutants take on Apocalypse. If we’re making lists, here’s mine:

Who I need taking on Apocalypse…

1. Wolverine-Well, because a fight sequence without his shirtless hot ass body would just be entirely pointless.

2. Scott/Cyclops-I have a thing for James Marsden. He has that nerdy-hot thing going on and now that his character has been resurrected, let’s give him the respect he deserves.

3. Jean Grey- You can’t have Scott without Jean and nothing beats the sexual tension between her and Wolverine. And maybe, just maybe we’ll see a better introduction to Dark Phoenix, which, in my opinion, was so badly botched in X-Men: The Last Stand. Hopefully they get it right his time.

4. Storm- She might be an original, but she’s as iconic as the whole franchise. I was sad to see her not up to her ass kicking, flying self in Days of Future Past. (In her defense, she was knocked up.) Here’s to hoping she’s as bad ass as she was in the past.

One more last last thought… What happens to Wolverine??? Since he traveled back in time and the past has been irrevocably disturbed, does he still take part in the Weapon X program or is he left with his original bone claws???


Ahhh, I’m glad you brought that up PM2. He needs his upgrades!! As much as I love the bone claws, Wolverine isn’t Wolverine without those steel ones…I laugh so hard when he flips someone off with them! But, who knows what Mystique will do to him now she’s gotten her blue paws on him…guess we’ll have to wait and see when Apocolypse hits our screens. And as a final shout out, please bring back Quicksilver…his slow-mo run through the kitchen was one of the best scenes of the movie.

Don’t judge me, but… Best. Season. Finale. Ever.



Ok…I officially need to discuss the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. So if you haven’t seen it…spoilers are coming…you’ve been warned.

Look, I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of the fang. I love all vampire stuff, but especially when it’s done well. No sparkling fangless vamps here thank you. And personally, I think The Vampire Diaries, hits it out of the fucking ballpark. This show has it all; the fangs, the blood, the drinking from humans, the violence, and the holy-fucking-shit-is-he-sexy. This is what vampires should be about.

I’m also going to admit that I’m partial to certain celebrity romances. I get invested, protective even, almost as though I’m involved in them myself. Yes I know, it’s not normal, but I can’t help it, I feel a certain allegiance to specific couples and I’m naturally devastated when they break up in real life.

But what the fuck does any of this have to do with anything?

A good question, and I’ll admit, the link is tenuous as best, but, and hear me out, because I’ll bet I’m not alone. Watching last night’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries has only reinforced to me how much IAN AND NINA SHOULD GET BACK TOGETHER. Seriously.

But it also reinforced to me just how much this show fucking rocks.

Oh fuck me, was this finale epic. I cried, I squealed, I screamed “no fucking way”…a lot… and I smiled… but mostly I cried. Because finally, finally, Damon and Elena were on the same page and my god was it fucking awesome, like seriously swoon-worthy Thelma and Louise style awesome…and then…Damon doesn’t make it back…and Elena breaks down … and then… he talks about how this is the moment he knows his entire 173 year life was worth it… and then… I swoon some more… and then… I break down again… and then… the show ends and I’m wishing to fuck it was season 6 already.

It was emotional and it was romantic and it was everything a good bad-boy-vampire-meets-good-girl-vampire show should be. And once again, it highlighted the fan-fucking-tastic sexual chemistry Nina and Ian have. So for the love of fucking god, please get back together already…and CWTV, for the love of fucking god, please start season 6 already.

The only saving grace in this whole sob-fest of Elena losing Damon and me losing my dignity, is that Alaric is back… Alaric is back!! And if he hadn’t just lost his BFF, I’d be rejoicing at the best onscreen bromance ever being back together again. Only I can’t…because Damon is gone…and I’m about to cry again.

So you see, Damon has to come back, not just for Elena and Alaric, but for me too…seriously…Damon, come back…please.



Ah, the bromance. Don’t you just love them? There’s something so indescribably adorable about two grown ass men who just love hanging out together. It’s BFFs at its cutest and there are definitely some good ones around.


1. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon.

Arguably the original bromance, the one that coined the phrase and made it totes ok for two boys to be openly BFFs. No bromance list is complete without these two. Friends since childhood, they not only hang out together, they also write and produce movies together, act together, run charities together and vacation with their families together. They are the epitome of what a good bromance is and we love them for staying friends after all this time.


2. Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles.

These two have played brothers on screen for 9 years, but in real life, they are total BFFs. Whether it’s fucking about for the cameras at Comic Con, or hanging out at each other’s weddings, or laughing and pranking together on set, these two have a friendship that is truly gorgeous. The fact that they are also gorgeous, only heightens the appeal.


3. Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth.

Also playing brothers on screen, these two share a playful and cheeky friendship off screen. One which always guarantees a laugh during photo opportunities or interviews. The fact that Tom, with his gorgeous Brit accent, can imitate Chris’ Aussie accent to perfection, only solidifies our love for this bromance.


4. George Clooney & Brad Pitt.

Although these two haven’t graced the big screen together for years, their bromance is still as cute as ever. Whether it’s supporting any number of charitable organizations together, pranking each other, or making us laugh our asses off with their cheeky antics in Oceans 11, 12 or 13, this bromance stands the test of time.

comi-con, comicon, bts, photobooth, 2010

5. Paul Wesley & Ian Somerholder.

Again, these two play brothers onscreen, and we can certainly understand why Elena struggles to choose which brother she wants more. Not sure we could decide either. Even when these two are fighting onscreen, you can still tell they have that brotherly love for each other. The fact they support each other off screen is just plain adorable too. Now, if only we could get ourselves cast as Elena.


6. Ian McKellan & Patrick Stewart.

Although these two don’t fit the usual guys we would have on our list, they are super cute together. We love them in X-men and when they are together off screen, they just look like they are always having a great time. Love the bowler hats, boys! Must be Magneto that pulls them together. (Sorry…that was cheesy as fuck.)


7. Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon.

OMG, these two, how can you not love them? We fall hard for boys who can make us laugh and these two; they kill it in that department. And it doesn’t hurt that they are adorable, too. The clincher is that these boys hooked up long before either of them had booming careers and have stuck together ever since. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with…toss in all their goofiness and cheeky smiles and love of dancing and singing and fuck…this list could go on forever so basically, they will always make our list. Their sense of humor and their solid friendship makes them so hot.